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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What If Reality Reflected The Internet? (Iran And Israel)

Despite the friction between the respective governments, I have a feeling that relationships like these are a lot more common than some people think.

Via Google Video.

Israel and Iranian (or Persian) history go way back to the times when Cyrus freed the Israeli's from Babylonian rule and ordered them to rebuild their homeland.

From my personal chats with Iranians, most of them have a friendly view towards Israel. If (God forbid) war does happen between these nations, perhaps Israel to repay a debt by liberating Iran as they liberated the Jews.

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  1. That was a lovely video, and an even lovelier sentiment. do you suppose that they got all Jews to do the acting, or do you think that there were truly a mix of Iranian muslims and jews cooperating? Did Celine Dion approve of her voice being used? I would imagine so. I came over here from your comment you left at Israpundit. Your site is really nice.

  2. Hey jauhara!

    Thanks for visiting!

    Well, as strange as it my sound, there are a lot of Iranian Jews (in fact the current Prime Minister is one) so I wouldn't be surprise if some of them helped out in the acting.

    I doubt however that this was filmed legally in Iran, if at all.

    As far as Celine goes, I sure don't think she would mind. ;-)


    Thanks for visiting!


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