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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cow Technology I Presume?

Never thought I would ever envision this. It seems that an Israeli company called Veterix has developed an interesting way to insure that our cows remain healthy and strong--and that translates to better beef and milk for all.

(Israel 21st Century) The company has developed an electronic capsule that sits in an animal's stomach to wirelessly report back to the farmer real-time about the health of the herd. It can send messages to a farmer's cell phone and email, alerting him if animals are distressed, sick, injured or lost.

"Healthy animals mean healthy people," says Eliav Tahar, the company's CEO and co-founder. "We have built a system that ensures animals will give better meat and milk." [...]

The e-capsule doesn't need a professional to administer it - it can be inserted by the farmer into the mouth of the animal. Once swallowed, it stays in the cow's second stomach, the reticulum, for the animal's lifetime.

The goal is to market this device to US farmers, which will help reduce costs of maintaining livestock as ranchers and farmers could then give drugs only to sick cows (instead of the entire herd). This also would help fight diseases such as mad cow, as a farmer could simply isolate which cows were sick and remove it instead of destroying the entire group.

Veterix is also thinking about coming out with a stamp or marker letting people know if the meat they bought came from a cow secured by their technology. If so, I definitely will be looking forward towards my next filet mignon.

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