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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

AI: A New Way To Be Human?

From fighting spam to communicating with their masters. Will robot intelligence eventually catch up to ours?

(Israel 21st Century) [A] Jerusalem-based start-up Linguistic Agents says it has created an application that will allow computers to understand human language - and will revolutionize the world of computers in the process. [...]

"The brain has an ability to understand language without knowing the words," he explains. "If I tell you a sentence with a word you may have never heard, through the context, you'd be able to understand 70% of what I'm saying without that word, or even understand what that word means, just by the context. That's what makes us very special."

Using the core technology of NanoSyntax, Linguistic Agents' computer scientists and programmers set out to create a technology that would mirror this process - only backwards.
This would definitely help out with translation programs online, although I can also see it being used by mega-corporations to handle their customer support lines (which may not make too many people happy).

What would be cool is if they could install this software into some dancing robots, as long as they are small (they can't be big like this guy).

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