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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Helping Those In Need (Whether Muslim Or Jewish)

It seems that Jews not only help their own abroad but reach out unto their own as well.

(Ynet News) In Israel's vast Negev desert, an Orthodox rabbi is helping impoverished Arab Bedouins with money collected from American evangelical Christians.

When a violent storm swept away the encampment of the al-Amrani clan on the side of a hill near the town of Rahat on December 27, the 250-strong tribe, including 110 children, lost everything. [...]

Rabbi Eckstein heads the "International Fellowship of Christians and Jews", a non-governmental organization founded in the United States in 1983. In this role, he raises funds from the staunchly pro-Israel evangelical Christians in the US "largely to support Israel". [...]

"We have 200 projects running in Israel," says Eckstein. "Our guidelines are - help the people of Israel. All the citizens of Israel, regardless of their religion."

This Rabbi has raised $75 million in order to help better the lives of all Israeli citizens. Although they don't reach out to Palestinians (as their government is blacklisted by Europe and America) they do reach out to Arabs within the Israeli domain.

Note: I could site more cases of this, but in the argument of time you may want to check out these articles highlighting Israeli's taking care of the elderly as well as the poor in general.

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