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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Microsoft Gobbles Up Israeli Startup

First Google gobbled up iRows, now Microsoft has purchased Secured Dimensions. I wonder who Yahoo! will assimilate?

(Globes Online) Microsoft Corp (Nasdaq: MSFT) has acquired Israeli start-up Secured Dimensions for a few million dollars. Secured Dimensions has developed a technology for the protection of applications based on Microsoft's .NET platform. This is the latest move in Microsoft's expansion of its technological activity in the Israeli market, after the announcement of its new R&D center, and the acquisition of two other companies Whale Communications, and Gteko.

What the international public may not know (but what the technology companies do) is that Israel has the largest concentration of tech firms outside of Silicon Valley. Despite the conflict, angry neighbors, etc., many foreigners continue to invest within Israel.

Even Donald Trump is eager to not only put money within the Kosher state, but visit there as well. Innovation is within Israeli blood. Unfortunately half the world wants to spill it, instead of bettering their lives by learning from it.

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