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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Israeli's Build Harder, Faster Stronger Antibiotic

Okay, so the antibiotic may not be "faster" per say, but a team from the Weizmann Institute has developed one that may give bacteria a reason to worry (for their very lives).

(Israel National News) The team led by Professor Yehiel Shai developed a substance that he describes as "a sort of sophisticated soap which melts the fatty part of the germ cover, compared to ordinary antibiotics which penetrate the cell and then paralyze specific systems."

Shai said the new antibiotic substance dissolves and destroys the germ too fast for it to develop a resistance to the medication.

The new antibiotic has yet to be perfected so you probably will not be able to order it by perscription (let a lone over the shelves). However, the technique for attacking these little organisms is itself ingenious, and once perfected I wouldn't be surprised to see Shai ten years from now "rolling in the shekels."

Unrelated Update: It looks like the Israelis are also heading in the Lupus department. Cool.

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