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Monday, January 08, 2007

Stem Cell Research Could Aid Cancer Patients

A company from Haifa, Israel has developed a product that may aid in the treatment of cancer patients, a problem all too common in the US.

(Globes Online) Pluristem's product treats blood cancer and blood disorders through the use of umbilical cord blood stem cells. These stems cells are already being used to treat blood cancer but treatment is limited to children since the quantity of stem cells in one transfusion of cord blood would be insufficient for the treatment of adults. [...]

Pluristem's PLX-1 improves the engraftment of umbilical cord blood cells, thereby enabling their proliferation after transfusion of blood to patients. As a result, it will also enable adult cancer patients to be treated with umbilical cord blood rather than other means.

As I have relatives who have survived cancer or are fighting this evil disease, news items like these help foster the hope that a cure may be discovered in the near future.

Unfortunately for me I do not have an extra umbilical chord available, although I'll make note of saving them for my future kids (after I find the future wife).

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