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Monday, January 29, 2007

Video: An Israeli Movie Playing In Iran?

(Note: Watch video below, then read the explanation)

What makes this more interesting is not the fact that it talks about Palestine, the Lebanon war and Israel, but that the Persian nation is allowing this film to be played despite its obvious Jewish viewpoint.

(Ynet News) Israeli-Iranian history was made when an Israeli director received an invitation to participate in the annual Iranian film festival in Tehran this week.

The film, an Israeli-German collaboration titled "More than 100[0] words", follows Israeli photographer Ziv Koren over a two-year period, as he documents different aspects of the Middle East conflict. [...]

Avital's initial reaction to the invitation was that there was no way he would send his movie to Iran after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent statements and the second Lebanon war.

"Afterwards, things Iranian friends told me in Berlin started to sink in, that there's another side to Iran, and that many Iranians oppose the current regime. After hearing about the students' rally at the University of Tehran, and that they prevented Ahmadinejad from speaking, I decided there is no reason why I should keep them from seeing the movie," explained Avital.

Although Avital will not be able to attend the Tehran festival in person, his film may have a greater ability to speak to Iranians than the worlds current political leaders.

Update (2/2): It looks like Iran has banned the film.

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