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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Israeli Citrus Farmers Profit From Crazy Global Weather

With the recent storm activities happening around the world, many countries are finding their breakfast tables less fruity than usual (assuming they eat breakfast that is).

If it were not for our kosher friends with kosher thumbs, the world may have had to decide whether or not orange juice (or even grapefruits) was worth the price at the grocery store.

(Israel National News) Japan, a major importer of citrus, has renewed its imports from Israel, ordering 800 tons of oranges a week. Earlier this month, China signed a contract to buy $50 million worth of oranges, grapefruits and pomelos a year from Israel.

Following the California crop failures, Spain and Morocco, both major exporters to the European Union decided to sell to the US instead, for a higher profit. European nations were therefore forced to increase their imports from countries like Israel. Traditionally, 68 percent of Israeli citrus exports are channeled to Western Europe, mostly the UK, with 19 percent sent to Russia and 9 percent Italy.

News like this makes me thirsty all of a sudden. Unfortunately I just discovered that I am out of orange juice. :-(

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