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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Israeli Startup Hooks Up American Superbowl

No, they are not selling hot dogs, chips or that favorite beverage that is fatal when mixed with driving.

This Israeli startup is hooking up the media (aka the MSM sports edition) with the ability to "communicate."

(Globes Online) One of the biggest sports events of the year is the Superbowl, which attracts millions of television viewers around the world. An entire industry has grown around the event and handsome profits can be made. One company cashing in is Israeli start-up MobileAccess Ltd., which has developed wireless communications for media coverage within buildings.

MobileAccess isn't releasing details on how big this deal is, although the rumor mill estimates it worth up to $2 million (which is a lot of shekels).

Note: I wonder if they would consider hooking up some sport bloggers as well?

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