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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Donald Gives Advice To Israel

(Hat Tip: Israellycool)

Donald Trump gives some advice for Israel, and congratulates them for having a strong economy despite "missiles being lobbed at them."

It also looks like Donald will be taking a trip to Tel Aviv in order to see his park (I guess he really wants to see it in person).

Note: Did he say he is going to construct a building in Tel Aviv?

Israeli Embassy Adopts Orphans With AIDS

I think this is a first for a government agency (at least to my knowledge). It's not everyday that you hear of any government taking tax money for an unplanned charitable cause.

( The Israeli ambassador to South Africa, Ilan Baruch, said in an interview with Yediot Achronot published Thursday that he decided to divert his embassy's discretionary budget toward 85 children, many of them sick with AIDS, who live in an orphanage outside Johannesburg.

The sponsorship will provide food, toys and equipment.

The article did not have a link, but it would be nice if readers could donate toys, money for food (and candy) or anything they found of value towards those kids.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Israel, Ukraine Negotiating Free Trade Agreements

Ukraine, a nation all-to-familiar with bordering nations hostile to its existence is in talks with Israel over establishing a free trade agreement between the two countries.

(Ynet News) Israel and Ukraine agreed last week to set up a joint working group which will negotiate a free trade agreement between the two countries. In 2005 bilateral trade between Israel and the Ukraine totaled USD 369 million [...]

Boaz Hirsh, VP Foreign Trade and Head of Foreign Trade Administration at the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry, said at the end of
the meeting that certain developments were made in particular on matters related to agriculture, transport, standards and trade relations.

I could see how both countries could easily benefit from this deal and would not be surprised if Defense was also added to the list as well (as Ukraine and Russia do not exactly have a warm relationship).

Note: Is it me, or does it seem that Israel has greater luck at making allies abroad than within its own region?

Video: Bill Gates, Others Promote Investment In Israel

(Hat Tip: Israellycool)

With Israel leading the way in technology, science, etc., it looks like several major technological companies including Bill Gates from Microsoft are promoting investment inside the Jewish state.

(Globes Online) Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates is one of a number of executives of top global companies that appear in a promotional film produced by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. In the film, Gates praises "Israel's unique human capital" in four languages - English, French, Chinese and Spanish.

After a quick search on YouTube, I was able to find the full length video which you can view below.

Watching this video shows just how much technology runs through this tiny state. Israel has launched a website called Invest In Israel which promotes the world to invest within the Jewish economy.

Who would ever realize that everything from ICQ/AOL IM to new therapies for cancer would ever come from Israel?

Rediscover The Internet On Your Mobile Phone?

It looks like InfoGin, an Israeli company has developed software to allow mobile users to view the rest of the internet without crashing their phone (something I can sympathize with).

And it looks like a major internet/media company has decided to throw their weight behind InfoGin.

(Israel 21st Century) AOL uses InfoGin's Intelligent Mobile Platform to power the mobile AOL search services, including their new mobile browsing service. InfoGin's technology enables the optimal reformatting of Web content to any mobile device, without compromising the Web's richness or the device functionality. And according to Wyler, for the end user, that means an Internet session on your mobile device that most closely resembles sitting in front of your laptop or PC.

"We have made surfing the Internet on a mobile phone a reality and are developing partnerships with leading global mobile operators in order to share this success with consumers around the world," said Wyler.

I don't know about you, but this is something I could definitely use for my Verizon wireless phone (that is if they have it).

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Israel To Join British Commonwealth?

Although being occupied by England was not a fun memory for the kosher state, it looks like that previous relationship has resulted in one benefit for the country.

( As a former British colony, Israel is being considered for Commonwealth membership. [...]

Speaking on condition of anonymity, diplomats said those interested in applying include Israel and the Palestinian Authority, both of which exist on land ruled by a British Mandate from 1918 to 1948.

Being a member of the commonwealth means Israel will receive extra benefits in trade and commerce, something that will benefit Israel overall (if they are selected that is). Although the UK and Israel don't exactly have the best relationship, this new move by England could open the door towards friendlier relations.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Supersized Israeli Economy ?

It looks like Israel is one of the top five growing economies worldwide, according to The Economist in the article.

(Globes Online) In its latest emerging markets survey, "The Economist" notes that Israel has been one of the five fastest growing emerging markets in the past 20 years. Israel has risen 12 spaces from the world’s 48th biggest economy in 1980-84 to 36th biggest economy in 2001-05. [...]

"The Economist's" report is a shot in the arm for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Minister of Finance Abraham Hirchson, and Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Stanley Fischer, given that, since 1980, the country has undergone two intifadas, the effects of two wars in Iraq and two wars in Lebanon - the only one of the 28 emerging economies to have such an experience.

Although they do not exactly say the main reason for this growth, I have a feeling that it mainly has to do with Israel's technology sector.

As for the other countries, the other four (including Hong Kong) resided in Asia. This is quite an accomplishment, noting the carnage this nation has faced.

Germany Pays $6 Billion To Holocaust Workers

It looks like survivors of the brutal Holocaust will receive a nice belated Hannakah gift from the German government.

(Jerusalem Post) Germany has so far paid out almost $6 billion to people forced to work for the Nazis during World War II, the chiefs of a compensation fund have announced.

Speaking in Berlin on Thursday, Guenter Saathoff, a member of the board of trustees of the Remembrance and Future Fund, said nearly 1.7 million people had been compensated, equal to more than 99% of people who qualify for the claims. [...]

In his statement, Herr Saathoff said 1.7 million victims or their legal heirs in 100 countries have so far received a total of €4.4 billion . The final deadline for victims or descendents to apply for compensation is December 31.

Although no one can ever compensate the Jews for what they went through over half a century ago, this will help struggling families (and heirs) in today's economy. The funding is being provided by not only the German government, but also companies that profited from the Jews forced labor (and anyone else's) as well.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finished Revamping Site...

I think I am now enjoying the new look.

Now lets see if I can provide fresh Kosher news for whatever viewers stumble upon the site.

Revamping Site...again...

After taking a brief sabatical from this blog...I've decided to pick up where I left off (especially since I discovered my other weblogs picking up in traffic).

To be continued...