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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Video: Bill Gates, Others Promote Investment In Israel

(Hat Tip: Israellycool)

With Israel leading the way in technology, science, etc., it looks like several major technological companies including Bill Gates from Microsoft are promoting investment inside the Jewish state.

(Globes Online) Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates is one of a number of executives of top global companies that appear in a promotional film produced by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. In the film, Gates praises "Israel's unique human capital" in four languages - English, French, Chinese and Spanish.

After a quick search on YouTube, I was able to find the full length video which you can view below.

Watching this video shows just how much technology runs through this tiny state. Israel has launched a website called Invest In Israel which promotes the world to invest within the Jewish economy.

Who would ever realize that everything from ICQ/AOL IM to new therapies for cancer would ever come from Israel?

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