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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Israel, Ukraine Negotiating Free Trade Agreements

Ukraine, a nation all-to-familiar with bordering nations hostile to its existence is in talks with Israel over establishing a free trade agreement between the two countries.

(Ynet News) Israel and Ukraine agreed last week to set up a joint working group which will negotiate a free trade agreement between the two countries. In 2005 bilateral trade between Israel and the Ukraine totaled USD 369 million [...]

Boaz Hirsh, VP Foreign Trade and Head of Foreign Trade Administration at the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry, said at the end of
the meeting that certain developments were made in particular on matters related to agriculture, transport, standards and trade relations.

I could see how both countries could easily benefit from this deal and would not be surprised if Defense was also added to the list as well (as Ukraine and Russia do not exactly have a warm relationship).

Note: Is it me, or does it seem that Israel has greater luck at making allies abroad than within its own region?

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