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Thursday, June 18, 2009

WordPress Transition Update

Okay, so after some "minor" server issues, I think I figured out why my blog refused to "port over" to my server. I have to contact my host to resolve this, but give me a few hours and the WP site will be up (at least for this blog).

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Switching To WordPress

After months of debate I have decided to switch two of my blogs (IsraGood and Colony Worlds) from Blogger to WordPress.

Now I'm not making this decision based on "WordPress is better than Blogger" because IMHO they both have strenghths where the other has weaknesses.

Anyways both IsraGood & Colony Worlds will be down throughout the day, as I import comments, posts and attempt to maintain permalinks on the site.

I will also be sporting new premium themes for each site so stay tuned!!

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Update (6/9/9): After being slightly concerned about WordPress 2.8, I can now say that the process to transfer it over has now officially begun. Stay tunned!