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Monday, August 27, 2007

Leukemia Cancer Cells Threatened By Israeli Scientists?

(Image Credit: Israel 21st Century)

Israeli researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science may have discovered a key component that may enable them to kill leukemia cancer cells in the human body.

(Israel 21st Century) In previous research, Shachar had found that a specific receptor - a protein on the outer surface of healthy B cells - fulfills a crucial role in helping these cells to survive. She wondered if the same protein might also be a central player in the abnormally high survival rates of cancerous B cells. [...]

The scientists found that this protein, in binding to the receptor, initiates a series of events within the cell that leads to enhanced cell survival capabilities. For instance, in one of these events, a substance is produced that helps to regulate the cells' lifespan. This substance causes another protein to be produced, which then prevents the self-destruct program from being activated.

The team treated the chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells with an antibody that attached to the survival receptor, blocking its activity and causing the cancer cell death rate to soar.

This is great news for leukemia victims, who now have another weapon in their fight against this deadly disease. This new technique is currently entering clinical trials (so it is not yet on the market) although hopefully they will perfect this antibody as it could potentially save tens of thousands of lives in the near future.

Video: The Israeli Facts You Never Knew

(Hat Tip:

Although very similar to a previous video, this one highlights some of the more "every day" technologies that we use in the world, such as USB key chains, to camera phones, to the health industry.

Did I mention the music is better the second time around?


Note: As soon as I get some time, I'll be posting some more interesting videos from Israeli's here.

Israeli President Peres To Meet With The Pope?

(Image: Pope Benedict XVI, Credit: Wikipedia)

It looks as if Shimon Peres is going to have an audience with the Pope this upcoming September 9th (ironically on the same day Jerusalem is having a rock concert).

One wonders what questions he will have for Pope Benedict XVI.

(Israel National News) Israeli President Shimon Peres is scheduled to meet with Pope Benedict XVI on September 9th in Rome. For Peres, this will mark his first trip abroad as president.

According to reports, Peres plans to spend four days in Italy, during which he will also hold talks with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and Prime Minister Romano Prodi.

Peres is also meeting with several foreign leaders from the Arab world, although it would be nice if Peres was able to invite the Pope to actually visit the holy land.

American Leaders To Show Support By Visiting Israel

(Image Credit:

Several congressional figures, as well as community leaders from New York are embarking on a journey towards the holy land in order to express their support for the Jewish state.

(Ynet News) The group includes Congressman Gary Ackerman and Congressman John Hall, as well as religious leaders and representatives of the African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American communities in New York. The mission is being accompanied by Michael Miller, JCRC executive vice president & CEO.

The JCRC sponsors missions that focus on showing solidarity with the people of Israel. "There is no substitute for meeting face-to-face with Israelis from all walks of society, in the halls of government and on the city streets. Our diverse and influential mission participants are bringing a message of fellowship and hope, and will take back home to New York real-life stories of Israeli courage and determination to build a brighter future," said Miller.

The group plans to tour Israel as well as visit several cities such as Safed and Sderot, which suffered attacks in the second Lebanon war and current rocket attacks, respectively. They will also meet with various heads of state, including the Prime Minister.

Hopefully this group will also get to tour Israel's innovative side, especially when dealing with technology and health as the holy land has a lot to offer towards New York, as well as the US in general.

Jerusalem: American Stars Ready To Rock Holy City

It looks like one of the world's holiest cities is about to receive some musical entertainment-rock n' roll style!

( Several high-profile musical acts are set to rock the holiest city in the Holy Land. The concert, "Jerusalem Rocks!" will take place September 9 at Teddy Kollek Stadium. Billboard Top 40 powerhouse the Black Eyed Peas (who have won three Grammys in the past three years) will headline the bill, which also features progressive hip-hop collective Arrested Development (the group, which won two Grammys in 1993, will release a long-awaited reunion album October 30). The event’s organizers hope to re-establish Jerusalem as an international center of culture.

This is one of two concerts being planned in September, with another one taking place in Tel Aviv. Hopefully I'll be able to find a video snippet of the event online, although I wonder whether or not the musicians will actually sing some songs in Hebrew?

Monday, August 20, 2007

IsraelPlug: Another Kosher News Weblog

(Hat Tip: Anglican Friends of Israel)

It looks as if another "kosher news weblog" has entered the scene, and by kosher I mean a site highlighting the side of Israeli life that often does not make the small screen.

Called IsraelPlug, this site's purpose is to highlight innovative side of Jews in the holy land. The site has been around since March of this year, and they have already published around 40 articles in this month alone!

Since "kosher news blogs" are becoming more common (either that or I am discovering more of them online) I thought I'd start an official kosher roll (on the sidebar) where readers can browse through other sites similar to this one.

Note: I have about ten listed thus far, although if anybody knows of any others out there, please let me know!

Israeli BioAlert Could Help Epilepsy Victims

(Image Credit: Israel 21st Century)

For those with loved ones who suffer from epilepsy, BioAlert may have a new device that may help make life easier for the victim, as well as their families around them.

Called Epilert, this device could help alert parents and medical personal if a person with epilepsy starts going through seizers.

(Israel 21st Century) "We are developing a device that within 20 seconds will alert caregivers or parents that an epileptic episode is occurring," Shaham said. "There are several aspects for the need of such a device, but mainly it's to improve the quality of life for everyone involved. There's really nothing you can do once an attack has begun, but the important thing is to be there with the patient."

The Epilert consists of a hand (or foot) sensor unit device worn by the patient, ("the size of a watch," said Shaham) which detects movements and vibrations process and identifies it as an epileptic seizure rather than a normal non-epileptic movement.

Shaham, the inventor of this device came up with the idea after meeting with Professor Kramer, who maintains a clinic that treats many patients suffering from this medical disease.

Although the device is not the market yet, there already seems to be huge demand for it within Israel as Shaham started receiving many emails and phone calls after taking first place in a Start Up is Born contest sponsored by the Ma'ariv, an Israeli paper.

Shaham is hoping the have the device on the market fairly soon, as it would not only help thousands of parents in Israel, but the US as well.

Israel Gives Citizenship Towards Darfur Refugees

With all of the chaos raging in Darfur, Prime Minister Olmert has decided to grant 500 refugees the privilege of being Israeli citizens.

(Israel National News) Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced Sunday that he has ordered 500 Darfur refugees be given Israeli citizenship and absorption assistance.

Olmert added, however, that other African refugees, who continue to attempt to enter Israel from Egypt, will be turned away. Fifty such Africans were transported back to Egypt Saturday night.

This is great news for those suffering from the tragedy that is happening in that region of the world, although hopefully Olmert can display the same amount of grace to the Jews in Ethiopia as he has to these refugees.

Images Of Israel (From Heavens Viewpoint)

Ofir Ben Tove, an aerial photographer who served in the Israeli military has some incredible images of the holy land taken from what some may call "God's viewpoint."

( Photographer Ofir Ben Tov approaches Israel from a lofty perch: the sky. His aerial images create a narrative that connects the biblical sages to modern-day Israelis through the trees, mountains and oceans that have always been there, bearing witness to our complicated history. [...]

"The holy land of Israel, stripped of politics and strife, [is] an amazing canvas from the sky," he said.

Amazing indeed. Readers can view these images over at, although if you would like to use any of these images you may have to purchase them (hence the reason why none were shown here).

Note: Be sure to also check out, which also has some excellent photo's of Israel.

Water Technology Exports May Reach $1 Billlion

(Image Credit: Tulpehocken Mountain Spring Water)

Israel's water technology sector may reach over a billion dollars in exports by the end of this year!

(Globes Online) A Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor survey of Israel's water technologies industry predicts that exports will grow 28% to $1.1 billion in 2007. The sector had $850 million in exports in 2006, up 21% on 2005. The ministry attributes the sector’s rapid growth to higher sales by existing companies and exports of newly launched products by start-ups.

270 companies and institutes are active in the water technologies sector, including 60 start-ups. The industry has an estimated 8,000 employees.

Despite the fact that the nation of Israel is located in (what some may call) a desert, through innovation Israel has been able to turn this wasteland into an oasis.

Israel is already recognized worldwide for its contributions towards this industry, with countries like China interested in acquiring the "know how" when it comes to dealing with H2O.

Currently the water industry market is hovering over $400 billion (according to Globes), and it will be interesting to see Israel's influence in the arena grow as the demand for expertise expands in the near future.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

250 More Jews Make Aliyah!

Jewish citizens from both the United States and the United Kingdom are now exiting their former lands in order to adopt Israel as their new home land.

(Ynet News) Two hundred new immigrants from the US and additional 75 from England arrived at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport Tuesday morning on two specially-chartered flights sponsored by Nefesh B'Nefesh. [...]

According to Nefesh B'Nefesh, a record 3,200 are expected to make aliyah from North America in 2007.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then Jacob Richman's photographic roundup of the event would fill volumes.

Hopefully more Jews of the Diaspora will consider making Aliya (or moving towards Israel), but if they are hesitant about moving they could always consider taking a sneak peak through Taglit-Birthright Israel (thanks to Adelson's generous donation) or similar organizations.

Update: Inserted link to Ynet News (I must be getting really tired! LOL)

"Call My Name:" What The iPhone Is Truely Missing

With half the planet going "ga ga" over the iPhone (or perhaps not) it looks as if Apple could have included one feature to truly make its phone innovative.

A new phone feature developed by an Israeli called "Call My Name" may end up revolutionizing the entire phone industry--at least in Israel that is.

(Israel 21st Century) How does this work? Say you wanted to call travel agent. But which one?, Well, how about one that you could reach by 'dialing' the phrase "I-800-T R A V E L?" That's Call My Name - instead of dialing phone numbers, you dial the name of a business, an industry, a service, or even a person, as a name, not as a phone number! [...]

Because of that flexibility, it was no big deal for Call My Name, in conjunction with cell phone service providers, to set up a number for Israel's Mizrachi-Tefachot mortgage bank that consisted of the Hebrew word for "mortgage" (mashkanta). Nachum says that during a pilot advertising program, the bank experienced a 200% rise in callers inquiring about a mortgage - because entering the key word "mortgage" directed clients to the bank!

Call My Name, developed by Ehud Nahum, has applied for several patents around the globe, and is already talking to several US companies about integrating this into their network.

Although Apple's iPhone would be a perfect companion for Call My Name, I am hoping they sign up a deal with Verizon, as it would make my life a whole lot easier!

A Syrian Explains Why He Admires Israel

Despite the fact that both Israel and Syria are officially "not friends," it looks like one Syrian by the name of Farid Ghadry was brave enough to express his true opinions about Israel, which speaks highly of the Jewish state.

( Israel has, in less than 60 years, built an economy ten times that of Syria with one-fifth the population. How does one explain this fact? It is very simple: Israel is a vibrant democracy. [...]

It is said that approximately one third of all scientific Nobel Prize winners are Jewish. The ratio is mind boggling. One third comes from a universe of 15 millions Jews and the remainder two-thirds from the much larger pool of 6 billion-plus people. Arabs (mostly Egyptians) have two or three Nobel Peace and Literature Prizes (From a pool of 350 million people) but no Arab has ever won a Nobel in sciences be it chemistry, physics, or medicine. Any argument here as to why Israel is so important to the region?

Be sure to read the whole article by Farid Ghadry on Aish.

Note: This is one of a four part series by Farid, so be sure to read parts two, three and four, which are over on Farid's blog Reform Syria.

Adelson To Donate $60 Million To Taglit-Birthright Israel

(Image: Sheldon Adelson, Credit: Paul Yeung / Reuters file via MSNBC)

It looks like American Jews desiring to see the holy land (but unable to because of lack of cash) will be able to visit the promise land thanks in part to an American billionaire, Sheldon Adelson.

(Ha'aretz) The billionaire's contribution has already enabled Taglit to double the number of participants for this year, to 25,000. The cost per participant is estimated at $2,500.

From the President's Residence, Adelson went on to speak at Taglit's "mega-event," the project's annual ceremony in the capital. The American businessman, whose fortune is estimated at $27 billion, told the crowd that growing up in a poor Boston family, he had had to depend on charity from Jewish philanthropists to go to summer camp.

Adelson hopes his donation will enable more American Jews to visit Israel within the same year that they apply, instead of being put on a waiting list.

Although the tours will probably include various holy sites and historical cities, hopefully they will show Israel's modern side as that may convince some of these travelers to make Aliyah.

Update: Corrected Adelson's name (spelling) in image credits.

Update (9/23): Added Ha'aretz source link (which I forgot to put in--I think I am going to stop posting late at night here).

Jewish High Schoolers Amazed By Israeli Innovation

(Image Credit: Israel 21st Century)

An organization called Israel Innovation has come up with a unique way of attracting American Jewish youth to the holy land.

Instead of the general site seeing tours that are often duplicated by many other groups, Israel Innovation shows these Jews the hidden side of Israeli's by giving them a glimpse of the Jewish state is doing within the realms of art and technology.

(Israel 21st Century) At Ra'anana startup Mobixell, the group was enthralled with the company's latest mobile telephone technology allowing for the synchronization of online streaming video with a user's cellular phone. They spent an hour searching for videos on YouTube to watch on some of the company's mobile phones.

"We've seen really great sights that aren't touristy but are actual companies that people hear about in the news but we're seeing it in advance," said Gracie Cohen who will be entering her senior year of high school in Gaithersburg, Maryland. "We're going into these rooms and they're giving us lectures about what they are coming out with."

The students were able to tour other companies as well, ranging from Intel to Microsoft, although there is no word if they visited Google's new office.

Hopefully we will see more of this within Israel, as tours like these help show Israel as not only a spiritual landscape, but a modern one as well.

Update: Added web link to Israel Innovation.

General Motors Will Open R&D Center Within Israel

(Image: Ra'anana City Hall, Credit: Wikipedia)

It looks like another American company has decided to put an R&D center within Israel.

(Globes Online) Sources inform "Globes" that General Motors Corporation (NYSE:GM) is in advanced negotiations to establish an R&D center in Israel with an initial investment of tens of millions of dollars. The center is expected to employ dozens of engineers and researchers in various fields related to GM's activities worldwide, including the development of alternative driving systems, vehicle electronics and communications systems, robotics, advanced materials, imaging systems, and safety.

The R&D center will probably be set up in Ra'anana and will have branches in outlying areas and development towns.

That is great news to hear in Israel, as that will ultimately translate into more jobs. The deal has yet to go through as General Motors is still negotiating the center's exact location.

Ra'anana will probably make an excellent spot for GM, although I wonder if they chose the spot due the fact that English and French are very popular there?

Basketball: Israel Dominates Ukraine! (Sort Of)

(Image Credit: Israel Basketball Association)

Another day, another game, another victory for Israel! But with a record of 2-0, the question remains: can Israel make it to the European championships?

(Jerusalem Post) Israel remained undefeated in the EuroBasket 2007 last chance tournament on Saturday night, beating the Ukraine 81-73 at the Nokia Arena.

The national team, which defeated Denmark 72-60 in its first game of the campaign last Wednesday, will host Belgium this Wednesday and will be seeking its third consecutive win on its way to the European Championships. [...]

For a second sucessive game the team struggled against an inferior opponent and only won thanks to a decisive late surge. The team will have to play better against the strong Belgians on Wednesday, as anything short of a win will most likely end the sides hopes of qualification.

Basketball is to Israeli's to what football or soccer is to American and European citizens, respectively. Although the team has only played two games, they have pulled ahead of both Denmark and Ukraine, and they will hopefully defeat Belgium on Wednesday.

Note: More info about the players can be found over here.

Monday, August 13, 2007

El Al To (Finally) Allow Bicycles On Planes

It looks like cyclists around the holy land can rejoice! The Israeli Airline, El Al, has decided to allow passengers to bring their bikes to and from Israel without charging an "arm and a leg" for extra baggage.

(Israel National News) Bicyclists now can fly their bicycles around the world via El Al, which is offering passengers the opportunity to load their bikes free of charge and without considering them as extra baggage. Previously, passengers had to pay up to $10 a pound.

Perhaps when I visit Israel I will bring a bike with me, as I hear the traffic their can be fierce.

Israel Woes Japanese Christians

The Israeli government is attempting to encourage Japanese citizens of the Christian faith to visit the holy land.

(Jewish Exponent) About 1 percent of Japan's 127 million citizens are Christians.

Aharonovitch called on the Christian leaders to show support for Israel by visiting "the country where the Bible is your calling card and guide book" in the coming year, as Israel marks the 60th anniversary of statehood.

He said that only 7,000 Japanese tourists visited Israel last year, and that he was working with Japanese officials to speed up the planned inauguration of direct flights between the two countries, tentatively scheduled for 2010.

The Israeli government hosted an event in Tokyo in order to apparently stress not only the similarities between the two groups, but also encourage the Christian community to help influence their government as well.

Of course these people really need to visit Israel (as Jewish falafels are second to none) although I wonder why it would take three years to establish direct flights between the two countries?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jahah VoIP Gets Kosher, Could Challenge Skype

It looks as if another VoIP company has entered the arena, which enables users to connect to one another half way around the world without the need to download any software. Called Jajah, this internet company's goal is enable average people to connect to each other around the world at a very low rate.

But what makes this Austrian company really unique is the fact of who they chose to turn to in order to handle "virtually everything."

(Israel 21st Century) Jajah enables computer users to make free or minimal cost phone calls using VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) without the cumbersome use of headphones, microphones, and software downloads. It doesn't even require high speed Internet connections. [...]

What's unusual about this Austrian startup headed by two successful non-Jewish founders is that it chose to turn to Israel for its research and development, customer support, and quality control. Jajah now employs over 40 people in its development center in Ra'anana, and Scharf and his partner Daniel Mattes regularly travel to Israel from their native Austria for business consultations.

"In Israel we found the right people with invaluable know-how regarding Internet and mobile phone technology. We are happy to have such a motivated team here and we are constantly looking for new employees," Scharf says[.]

They already have stolen away a few Skype customers, as the voice quality on the device is extraordinarily clear. They even have some extensions for Firefox users, as well as the Google personalized page (which is now in Hebrew!).

This service seems to be very similar to GrandCentral (purchased by Google), with the one major difference being that they are open to international users (including Israel!).

Jajah could potentially challenge Skype, although I am waiting for them to create a web button before I consider making the switch.

150 Americans Sign Up For Israeli Defense Forces

What makes this story more interesting is the fact that these are teenagers, who decided to emigrate towards Israel in order to defend the country, not just merely live there.

(Israel National News) In the coming months 150 new immigrants from the United States will be drafted into the IDF, representing the largest number of new recruits from the US to ever enlist in the IDF in a single draft.

"As opposed to the phenomenon of evasion we are witnessing in Israel, in the United States we met young men and women whose hearts are filled with the will to volunteer and sacrifice for the state," said Tzvika Levy, who oversees those making Aliyah in order to join the IDF.

This is great news for Israel, although I pray that those teenagers stay safe in the coming months.

Emergency Crews May Fall In Love With LuboCollar

(Image Credit: Israel 21st Century)

As anyone who has ever taken CPR knows, when it comes to a person injured through severe trauma (like say a car accident), keeping their neck still is one of the most important things you can do.

Unfortunately keeping a person's head in a position so that they can breathe can be difficult (especially if their neck is hurt), although it seems that a new Israel invention may hopefully change all of that.

(Israel 21st Century) For the first time, however, an Israeli physician has developed a device that both protects the neck by restricting the movement of the head relative to the rest of the body and also maintains an open airway in a non-invasive, simple and quick manner.

The LuboCollar, named after its inventor Dr. Omri Lubovsky and his sister Michal Peleg-Lubovsky, "has the ability to save lives and will certainly cut down on the number of emergency intubations currently performed by emergency aid personnel," says Lubovsky, a physician in the department of orthopedic surgery at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem.

Previously a qualified medical professional had to insert a tube (a process called intubation) through the mouth, which is probably the last thing a paramedic wants to waste time with while rushing someone to the hospital (especially if they were fine before their neck had to be "stabilized").

This LuboCollar could help not only insure that a patient's neck remains undisturbed, but allow the patient to have an open passageway for their throat. This is good news for ambulance crews as LuboCollar could potentially lower the amount of people who die en route to a hospital from neck (or spinal) injuries).

Israel Seeking Free Trade Agreement With India

It looks like the economic ties between the two nations is just about to grow a little stronger!

( Israel is keen on forging a free trade agreement with India on the back of robust economic relations between the two countries that began in 1992. [...]

Mr Kumar said that the Israeli Minister sought to involve Israeli companies in infrastructure development in India for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in 2010.

Israel's technology side should compliment India's population very well as they seem to have a lot of people (at least in my encounters online) eager to impact the world wide web (or rather Web 2.0).

This should also help some Israeli's looking for work abroad hook up with an emerging super power--at least economically.

Note: With India and China pursuing financial ties to Israel, the world does not look so lonely for this kosher state.

Update: New French Jews Excited About Israel

(Image: New Olim at Ben-Gurion Airport, Credit: Yael Branovsky of Ynet News)

It looks like the Jews who left the land of croissants for the land of falafels are enjoying their stay in the holy land. Ynet reporters were able to give everyone a brief update on how they were adjusting to Israeli life, and it looks like the French Jews are enjoying it!

(Ynet News) An Immigration Ministry representative arrived at the house and held a short festive ceremony in which he gave the parents their blue identity cards. The children jumped up and kissed their excited parents. [...]

"We used to visit Israel a lot," says Valerie. "Last February we arrived for a real investigation. We came to Netanya, where I was familiar with the community of French immigrants, and I felt at home.

"When I entered the school the children will study in, I was excited and immediately understood this is the place I want them to be in. On the way back to France we already knew that we are going to immigrate to Israel very soon," she adds.

This family (along with 600 others) are already beginning to experience real life as Israeli's, with some seeing if they can remain in the same industry as they had in France.

Although they have yet to learn the language, these new comers (or olim as they call them in Israel) seem determined to learn Hebrew, as well as contribute to the overall Israeli society.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Largest Solar Park Being Built By Israel's Solel

(Image: Solel Solar panels, Credit: Israel 21st Century)

It looks as if a Jewish company is being contracted to build the largest solar park to date. While solar energy is beginning to make a comeback in the United States, Solel hopes that these solar panels will help to not only energize California, but also make it a little bit greener.

(Israel 21st Century) An Israeli company is doing its part to help Americans develop renewable, environmentally-friendly energy, and at the same time reduce dependence on foreign oil. Beit Shemesh-based Solel has announced that it has signed a contract with Pacific Gas and Electric Company to build the world's largest solar plant - to be established in California's Mojave Desert. [...]

"We are thrilled to bring 553 MW of clean energy to California," said Avi Brenmiller, chief executive officer of Solel Solar Systems. "Our proven solar technology means Solel can economically turn the energy of the warm California sun into clean power for the state's homes and businesses.

Solel estimates that the solar park will be fully operational by 2011, and could potentially supply up to 400,000 homes with clean renewable energy. Hopefully California's embrace of "green technology" will encourage other states to follow suite, as well as inspire nations like Mexico and Canada to adopt similar measures as well.

Using Cow Manure As A Future Energy Source?

(Image Credit: Dairy Farms on AOL)

While other nations dream of using nuclear, wind and solar power to fuel their growing economies, it looks as if one community in Hefer Valley (which is located near Hadera) has decided to use a common animal waste to provide energy for their region.

(Globes Online) GES said that the Hefer Valley plant is the first large-scale plant of its kind in Israel, and one of the first in the world. The plant utilizes 600 tons of manure a day. The manure is sterilized, and the solid and liquid waste are then processed to produce methane, which drives the generators to make electricity.

Granite Hacarmel CEO Amiaz Sagis said, "This is unquestionably an important milestone. This facility fits in with Granite Hacarmel's strategy to invest in infrastructures and ecology. The company is also investing resources to develop alternative energy, water treatment, and desalination."

Using cow fertilizer as an power source is not only a great way to "reduce, reuse and recycle," but also provide a (potentially) renewable energy to the planet. Since most nations raise cows for food (as well as for fashion) using their by-products as fuel could help lessen our dependency upon fossil fuels.

US To Israeli Touristis: Visa Not Required!

It looks as if the United States is considering passing a bill that would enable Israeli citizens to travel to America without the need for a Visa (which, from what I'm told is a very annoying process to apply for).

(Ynet News) The US Congress is said to vote on new security legislation, which allows for countries that had 10% or less of their applications denied to be included on the list.

Should Congress approve this amendment Israel could easily qualify for the list, since only 3% of Israeli visa applications are denied each year.

Israel is expected to easily meet additional US demands, such as divulging passenger lists, using biometric passports – which include fingerprints – and meeting strict security protocols.

A bill like this should easily pass through congress, and President Bush will no doubt sign this bill into becoming the law of the land.

Israelis have a lot to offer the US in regards to technology, and visitations from the holy land would help give Americans a new perspective on what real Israeli life is in the middle east as opposed to what they see in the news.

Google To Launch Personalize Page In Hebrew

It looks like the search engine king will be making the internet slightly easier on Jewish eyes by allowing users to set their personalized page in Hebrew.

(Globes Online) Mayer also mentioned i-Google, Google’s personalized homepage, the Hebrew version of which will be launched next week. “Whereas in a search you place a request and search for information, with i-Google, you get information without asking for it,” she said.

Marissa Mayer, Google VP of search products and user experience recently visited Tel Aviv to check out some of the Google offices in the country. Apparently she came away very impressed at not only of the Google Israel team but also of Israeli startup companies as a whole.

Note: I wonder if her visit is a signal that Google may be interested in buying any more companies after their last purchase?

Video: Israeli Baseball Players Speak Out

(Hat Tip:

This is an old video from February, but it gets across the passion about the players and why they decided to temporarily move thousands of miles in order to play in the holy land.

The Ha'aretz also has an excellent article about the league, especially those die hard fans (you gotta love them).

Although there is currently only six teams (as of this post), hopefully Israel will be able to expand this amount three times over, and eventually join up with their friends in the US.