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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Call My Name:" What The iPhone Is Truely Missing

With half the planet going "ga ga" over the iPhone (or perhaps not) it looks as if Apple could have included one feature to truly make its phone innovative.

A new phone feature developed by an Israeli called "Call My Name" may end up revolutionizing the entire phone industry--at least in Israel that is.

(Israel 21st Century) How does this work? Say you wanted to call travel agent. But which one?, Well, how about one that you could reach by 'dialing' the phrase "I-800-T R A V E L?" That's Call My Name - instead of dialing phone numbers, you dial the name of a business, an industry, a service, or even a person, as a name, not as a phone number! [...]

Because of that flexibility, it was no big deal for Call My Name, in conjunction with cell phone service providers, to set up a number for Israel's Mizrachi-Tefachot mortgage bank that consisted of the Hebrew word for "mortgage" (mashkanta). Nachum says that during a pilot advertising program, the bank experienced a 200% rise in callers inquiring about a mortgage - because entering the key word "mortgage" directed clients to the bank!

Call My Name, developed by Ehud Nahum, has applied for several patents around the globe, and is already talking to several US companies about integrating this into their network.

Although Apple's iPhone would be a perfect companion for Call My Name, I am hoping they sign up a deal with Verizon, as it would make my life a whole lot easier!

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