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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Largest Solar Park Being Built By Israel's Solel

(Image: Solel Solar panels, Credit: Israel 21st Century)

It looks as if a Jewish company is being contracted to build the largest solar park to date. While solar energy is beginning to make a comeback in the United States, Solel hopes that these solar panels will help to not only energize California, but also make it a little bit greener.

(Israel 21st Century) An Israeli company is doing its part to help Americans develop renewable, environmentally-friendly energy, and at the same time reduce dependence on foreign oil. Beit Shemesh-based Solel has announced that it has signed a contract with Pacific Gas and Electric Company to build the world's largest solar plant - to be established in California's Mojave Desert. [...]

"We are thrilled to bring 553 MW of clean energy to California," said Avi Brenmiller, chief executive officer of Solel Solar Systems. "Our proven solar technology means Solel can economically turn the energy of the warm California sun into clean power for the state's homes and businesses.

Solel estimates that the solar park will be fully operational by 2011, and could potentially supply up to 400,000 homes with clean renewable energy. Hopefully California's embrace of "green technology" will encourage other states to follow suite, as well as inspire nations like Mexico and Canada to adopt similar measures as well.

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