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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Basketball: Israel Dominates Ukraine! (Sort Of)

(Image Credit: Israel Basketball Association)

Another day, another game, another victory for Israel! But with a record of 2-0, the question remains: can Israel make it to the European championships?

(Jerusalem Post) Israel remained undefeated in the EuroBasket 2007 last chance tournament on Saturday night, beating the Ukraine 81-73 at the Nokia Arena.

The national team, which defeated Denmark 72-60 in its first game of the campaign last Wednesday, will host Belgium this Wednesday and will be seeking its third consecutive win on its way to the European Championships. [...]

For a second sucessive game the team struggled against an inferior opponent and only won thanks to a decisive late surge. The team will have to play better against the strong Belgians on Wednesday, as anything short of a win will most likely end the sides hopes of qualification.

Basketball is to Israeli's to what football or soccer is to American and European citizens, respectively. Although the team has only played two games, they have pulled ahead of both Denmark and Ukraine, and they will hopefully defeat Belgium on Wednesday.

Note: More info about the players can be found over here.

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