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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Update: New French Jews Excited About Israel

(Image: New Olim at Ben-Gurion Airport, Credit: Yael Branovsky of Ynet News)

It looks like the Jews who left the land of croissants for the land of falafels are enjoying their stay in the holy land. Ynet reporters were able to give everyone a brief update on how they were adjusting to Israeli life, and it looks like the French Jews are enjoying it!

(Ynet News) An Immigration Ministry representative arrived at the house and held a short festive ceremony in which he gave the parents their blue identity cards. The children jumped up and kissed their excited parents. [...]

"We used to visit Israel a lot," says Valerie. "Last February we arrived for a real investigation. We came to Netanya, where I was familiar with the community of French immigrants, and I felt at home.

"When I entered the school the children will study in, I was excited and immediately understood this is the place I want them to be in. On the way back to France we already knew that we are going to immigrate to Israel very soon," she adds.

This family (along with 600 others) are already beginning to experience real life as Israeli's, with some seeing if they can remain in the same industry as they had in France.

Although they have yet to learn the language, these new comers (or olim as they call them in Israel) seem determined to learn Hebrew, as well as contribute to the overall Israeli society.

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  1. I was in Israel last week and could not believe how much French I heard in the streets (I haven't been there in a year). And I hear that the reason for the real estate boom is that the French are moving in!

    And I thought I'd made a mistake taking French over Spanish in high school.

  2. Thanks for stopping by TherapyDoc!

    I never took French in high school (I wanted to take Hebrew but that wasn't an option) so I stuck it out with German instead.

    I do not know what Israel's third national language is, but if they keep it up, it may be French!


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