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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Adelson To Donate $60 Million To Taglit-Birthright Israel

(Image: Sheldon Adelson, Credit: Paul Yeung / Reuters file via MSNBC)

It looks like American Jews desiring to see the holy land (but unable to because of lack of cash) will be able to visit the promise land thanks in part to an American billionaire, Sheldon Adelson.

(Ha'aretz) The billionaire's contribution has already enabled Taglit to double the number of participants for this year, to 25,000. The cost per participant is estimated at $2,500.

From the President's Residence, Adelson went on to speak at Taglit's "mega-event," the project's annual ceremony in the capital. The American businessman, whose fortune is estimated at $27 billion, told the crowd that growing up in a poor Boston family, he had had to depend on charity from Jewish philanthropists to go to summer camp.

Adelson hopes his donation will enable more American Jews to visit Israel within the same year that they apply, instead of being put on a waiting list.

Although the tours will probably include various holy sites and historical cities, hopefully they will show Israel's modern side as that may convince some of these travelers to make Aliyah.

Update: Corrected Adelson's name (spelling) in image credits.

Update (9/23): Added Ha'aretz source link (which I forgot to put in--I think I am going to stop posting late at night here).

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