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Monday, August 13, 2007

Israel Woes Japanese Christians

The Israeli government is attempting to encourage Japanese citizens of the Christian faith to visit the holy land.

(Jewish Exponent) About 1 percent of Japan's 127 million citizens are Christians.

Aharonovitch called on the Christian leaders to show support for Israel by visiting "the country where the Bible is your calling card and guide book" in the coming year, as Israel marks the 60th anniversary of statehood.

He said that only 7,000 Japanese tourists visited Israel last year, and that he was working with Japanese officials to speed up the planned inauguration of direct flights between the two countries, tentatively scheduled for 2010.

The Israeli government hosted an event in Tokyo in order to apparently stress not only the similarities between the two groups, but also encourage the Christian community to help influence their government as well.

Of course these people really need to visit Israel (as Jewish falafels are second to none) although I wonder why it would take three years to establish direct flights between the two countries?

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