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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Using Cow Manure As A Future Energy Source?

(Image Credit: Dairy Farms on AOL)

While other nations dream of using nuclear, wind and solar power to fuel their growing economies, it looks as if one community in Hefer Valley (which is located near Hadera) has decided to use a common animal waste to provide energy for their region.

(Globes Online) GES said that the Hefer Valley plant is the first large-scale plant of its kind in Israel, and one of the first in the world. The plant utilizes 600 tons of manure a day. The manure is sterilized, and the solid and liquid waste are then processed to produce methane, which drives the generators to make electricity.

Granite Hacarmel CEO Amiaz Sagis said, "This is unquestionably an important milestone. This facility fits in with Granite Hacarmel's strategy to invest in infrastructures and ecology. The company is also investing resources to develop alternative energy, water treatment, and desalination."

Using cow fertilizer as an power source is not only a great way to "reduce, reuse and recycle," but also provide a (potentially) renewable energy to the planet. Since most nations raise cows for food (as well as for fashion) using their by-products as fuel could help lessen our dependency upon fossil fuels.

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