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Friday, January 19, 2007

Holocaust Memorial Center Receives Ten Million Dollars

Although this is based in the US (Michigan to be specific), donations like these will help remind the world of the terrible tragedy over 60 years ago and bring some honor to the dead.

(Jerusalem Post) The Holocaust Memorial Center in suburban Detroit says it has received a $10 million (€7.8 million) gift from three brothers, allowing it to pay off most of its $13.5 million (€10.5 million) debt.

"I'm very ecstatic. I've had sleepless nights thinking about the phenomenal burden of interest payments that are $72,000 (€56,000) a month alone," center founder Rabbi Charles Rosenzveig told The Detroit News for a Thursday story. "Now we can use that money to concentrate on other areas of the center."

The money was donated by three brothers who made the gift in memory of their parents and grandparents who died in the Holocaust. The Museum is being renamed the Zekelman Family Holocaust Memorial Center to honor the contribution.

This should definately help Rabbi Rosenzveig get some sleep without having to resort to milk, cookies and some Tylenol.

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