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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More American Jews Seeking Aliya

There seems to be a new surge of Jews seeking to emigrate back home, which is good news for the Israeli government.

Unfortunately the only thing holding them back is some cold, hard cash.

(Jerusalem Post) Some 15,000 North American Jews would like to immigrate to Israel but Nefesh B'Nefesh lacks the funding to facilitate their coming, according to Danny Ayalon, who became the organization's co-chair this week after wrapping up his terms as ambassador to the United States.

"The potential is here" for a massive influx, he said, so his priority would be raising funds and awareness for the organization.

Ayalon said at least $45 million would be needed to bring those 15,000, all of whom have contacted Nefesh and are at various stages of the application process.

This basically amounts to about $3,000 per person, which does not include grants given to the families to help them adjust inside Israel.

Although Ayalon is heading for the states in order to find big donors, he may be more successful if he would simply initiate a "support your local jew" campaign where pro-Israeli families would help sponsor a person to make Aliya.

But regardless of the method, it's good to see more Jews deciding to move to their homeland in order to strengthen Israeli society.

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