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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Recyle Thy Tires, It's The Law?

Israel has recently passed a law requiring used tires to be recycled instead of disposed of as garbage in the dumpster.

(Globes Online) The Knesset has passed a used tire recycling law. The law, which was proposed by Michael Nudelman (Kadima) and the Ministry of the Environment will come into force in six months time and it will also apply to national bus company Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society Ltd., government organizations and the Ministry of Defense.

Under the law, tire manufacturers and importers will be responsible for collecting tires that can no longer be used and hand them in for recycling. Businesses selling and repairing tires will be required to store them in a manner that will prevent water accrual and environmental hazards. The law will also require them to regularly return scrap tires to importers and exporters, to avoid amassing large scrap tire dumps.

These tires were basically becoming a major problem in Israel, as people were handing them off to our favorite pal nature in order to solve our tire woes. Since the tires were being found in open spaces and water sources (which mosquitos love), the government decided to take action.

End result? Israel is turning another problem into an environmentally friendly solution.

Oh, Israel, Israel, so concerned with taking care of our planet. What would we do without you?

Note: Perhaps this is why a Kuwaiti suggests the nation hire Israel's Environmental Minister.

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