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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Google Beats Walla As Top Israeli Site

It looks like the search engine king has struck again! Okay, so this is old news if you are in Israel, but many people may be surprised that Google was able to maintain its position as the top site against home-grown Walla from Israel.

(Globes Online) In general, the latest survey shows no upheavals. Israel's top three websites maintained their positions, with Google Israel growing even stronger and surpassing the 80% exposure rate. The popular search engine had an exposure rate of 82.7%, higher than in July. The exposure rate of Walla Communications Ltd. (TASE: WALA) rose slightly to 70.1%. Third ranking site, news site Ynet has an exposure rate of 55.2%, down from 56.2% in July.

Google has been making some serious inroads into Israel, with their purchase of iRows last year to complement their Docs & Spreadsheets online suite.

With Google seemingly dominating everywhere they go, will Walla end up becoming the new Yahoo?

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