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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Israeli Show On HBO?

(Hat Tip: Isrealli)

I don't really watch HBO (in fact I barely watch any TV as YouTube is much more fun) but it seems that one Israeli television show has caught the attention of HBO.

(Ynet News) HBO has ordered 40 episodes of "In Treatment," a half-hour drama starring Gabriel Byrne.

Based on the popular and critically acclaimed Israeli series of the same name ("BeTipul" in Hebrew), "Treatment" centers on a therapist (Byrne) who is calm, smooth, insightful and non-confrontational with his patients but turns into a testy, self-doubting individual full of barely concealed anger when he is a patient seeing his own shrink.

Sounds like this show might be a hit in the US (Americans can relate to therapists, as Dr. Phil plays one on TV...and in real life).

I wonder if they'll get a cut on prime time or cable anytime soon?

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