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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Anti-Kassam And Anti-Katyusha Defense, Anyone?

It looks like Israel is shelling out $300 million in order to protect Israeli citizens from anti-Kassam and anti-Katyusha rockets.

(Israel Reporter) The defense establishment plans to make an official decision in the coming days to invest $300 million in an anti-Kassam and anti-Katyusha defense system under development by Rafael - Israel’s Armament Development Authority. According to the plan, a combination of a laser and an anti-Kassam missile interceptor will be operational for deployment outside the Gaza Strip within a year and a half.

Originally Israel was going to contract a US company to develop an anti-missile system via lasers, but decided against the idea because their laser was "environmentally unfriendly."

The Israeli laser missile combo should help defend the homeland against another attack, although I wonder what it would look like to see one of these shoot down an enemy missile out of the sky?

Note: I'm not desiring another attack, but if G-d forbid another one happened, it would be neat to see this Israeli technology defending their homeland in the sky.

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