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Sunday, October 21, 2007

What Would A Kosher Vending Machine Look Like?

(Hat Tip: IsraelPlug)

After discovering the frustration of the lack of anything decent to eat at airports (that was probably tasty and kosher), two men decided to solve their problem by coming up with a kosher vending machine.

(New York Times) Earlier this month, the nation's first glatt kosher vending machine that can shoot out a hot knish was installed at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. The machine also crisps up kosher mozzarella sticks, cheese pizza and onion rings. And in a few weeks, freshly grilled hot dogs in warm buns will be for sale there, too. Not from the same machine, of course. That wouldn't be kosher.

The vending machines are called Hot Nosh 24/6. "To make it a little Jewish sounding we called it nosh, and we added the 24/6 to give a little cuteness to it," said Doron Fetman, who with his partner, Alan Cohnen, created Kosher Vending Industries.

Although Kosher Vending Industries is marketing itself mostly to those upholding the Jewish diet, they may find themselves open to a wider market than they realize.

With the US trying to find ways to substitute junk food from its school system, Cohnen's and Fetman's "little" machine may a tasty alternative to the fattening foods served to America's children.

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