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Monday, October 29, 2007

US Pentagon: Israel To Have Stealth Planes By 2012

The US Pentagon has decided to speed up shipment of the much anticipated Joint Strike Fighter towards Israel, who originally was suppose to receive it by 2014. While an earlier shipment is delicious in itself, the icing of the cake is that Israel will be allowed to "slightly tweak" the craft to its own preferences.

(Israel Insider) "This plane can fly into downtown Teheran without anyone even knowing about it since it can't be detected on radar," the Jerusalem Post quoted a senior Israeli defense official as saying. [...]

The defense minister also managed to persuade the Americans to allow Israel to install its own unique technology in the aircraft, which had been a major point of dispute between the Defense Ministry and the Pentagon, defense officials said.

According to the article, Israel would receive every third jet which would enable the Jewish state to maintain enough of these aircraft to easily defend its own borders.

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