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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Israel's YES: Can You Handle Free TV For A Month?

After users of YES started complaining about satellite interference, the company is deciding whether or not to compensate its customers by giving them free TV for a month.

(Ha'aretz) The Yes satellite television company is considering opening up all its channels to all its customers for a month, as part of its compensation for the signal disruptions many viewers have been suffering since September 6.

Yes will be paying each of the production companies in charge of the niche channels hundreds of thousands of shekels in exchange for their consent to give the public free access: Normally the production companies would be receiving the money directly from viewers, albeit through Yes' channels. Company CEO Ron Eilon, shown above, is also giving all Yes customers free access to 18 DVDbox movies, leading some to grouse they couldn't see the things because of the signal disruptions.

Despite the fact that the interference was not the companies fault, this seems like a fair way to compensate its customers who had to pay for the month of rude interruptions.

Note: The signal was eventually narrowed down to a UNIFIL Dutch boat, whose radar was just a "little too strong."

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