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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fashion: Israeli "Rough Chic" Bags Invade The US

(Image Credit: TES, via Israel 21st Century)

While there are many types of bags attracting the attention of women shoppers, it looks as if one designer's unique approach is catching the attention of everyone.

But what separates this bag from most the competition is that chooses a simple design, over its fancier rivals.

(Israel 21st Century) Thirty-nine-year-old Epstein-Segal calls it 'rough chic', and it's a style that she adopts personally. No fancy complicated garments for her, she dresses in simple, unpretentious clothes - black -shirt and jeans, a -colored belt and dark masculine shoes.

"I don't like pretentious or over-styled bags," she explains. "My bags are more primitive and basic in design. I like to emphasize the leather. It's very important to me. The bags are feminine, but have a rougher style. It's another sort of chic."

Tali Epstein-Segal's company, or TES has been doing very well not only in the US and Israel, but Turkey as well.

TES is considering expanding into France, as well as designing bags for men (hopefully she is thinking about business style bags or backpacks as "man bags" are not that popular in the US).

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