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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Israel's eXelate Introduces Delayed Ads For Publishers?

It looks as if a new Israeli company called eXelate may have found a unique way for bloggers, publishers to earn extra revenue without taking up any ad space (at least for the most part).

(TechCrunch) Here's how it works: An ad network participating in eXelate's exchange purchases from publishers the right to place Delayed-Ad cookies on users with vertical-specific interests (travel, automotive, etc.). When such users later visit publisher sites that fall under the realm of the ad network, they are shown targeted ads relevant to the interest-specific site they received their Delayed-Ad cookie on. Hence, "Delayed-Ad."

Is this basically a twist on behavioral targeting and retargeting? Generally speaking yes, except that eXelate restricts itself from building user profiles like traditional behavioral ad networks such as TACODA. Nor does it retarget traffic within the ad networks employing its system.

News sites and bloggers may find eXelate to be a breath of fresh air, as it may allow them to generate the necessary funds without the need to locate space to keep their websites running.

Although eXelate is still new to the web ads arena, it may not be too surprising a year from now to find this young contender either thriving in a world dominated by the big three (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft) or acquired by one of them.

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