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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Israel's Lextran: Reducing Air Pollution

Lextran, a subsidiary of Ludan Engineering, is in the process of creating technology that will make it cheaper for power stations to reduce the emissions of certain gases.

(Globes Online) Lextran is developing a low-operational cost installation for reducing emissions of nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide to the atmosphere by power stations. The company claims that the technology handles both emissions simultaneously in a single process, whereas competing technologies require different technologies and facilities for the different gases in order to comply with environmental standards.

Ludan says that Lextran’s single technology for both nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide cut set-up costs by 40% and operating and maintenance costs by 50%. The company added that Lextran uses a proprietary catalyst in its system.

By making it easier for companies to reduce emissions, Lextran is insuring a cleaner world in the future. Hopefully more technologies like this will be developed in the future, as we can ill-afford to screw up our planet, regardless of how much money is generated in the present.

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