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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Joost: Israel's Aniboom Now Has Its Own Channel

One of the hottest websites online has a new addition to its arsenal of entertainment. Joost, a media company that is a cross between TiVO and a regular television network, has recently given Aniboom its very own channel online.

(TechCrunch) Israeli-startup AniBoom just went live with an animation channel on Joost to launch, the peer-to-peer Internet TV service. AniBoom is an animation site with 30,000 videos, contributed from about 3,000 animators around the world. AniBoom, which competes with MyToons, currently splits advertising revenues with animators who contribute to the site, and holds an annual $50,000 contest to attract the best animations. Now the best of those will be featured on the Joost channel as well (with ad revenues being split three ways amongst AniBoom, Joost, and the animators).

This partnership will definitely help out Aniboom, whose purpose is to help some of the best animators achieve recognition in the real world, something that's probably easier said than done.

Note: More information about Joost's latest addition of Aniboom can be found over here.

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