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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Israel's Integrating With eBay?

It looks as if the company that made online shopping as easy as buttering bread (well, almost as easy) may be looking at leveraging Israel's

(Globes Online) eBay Inc. [...] is expanding its activity in Israel by deepening its joint activity with and opening a development center. CEO Joshua Silverman says that the new center will develop eBay's sorting and cataloguing technologies. He is visiting Israel for the annual meeting of's websites worldwide. [...]

Silverman says that time was needed to realize the synergy between and eBay. "We've now chosen the areas that can be leveraged, and we're thinking about the integration. I'm proud that we're doing things this way. We defined the core businesses where can contribute to eBay. is still the leading price comparison website, and we're the world's leading e-commerce site. We believe that we can increase the number of customers who find suitable products through better sorting and cataloguing. Excellence in sorting and cataloguing is an important part of our work and Israel will be the technology center in this field." is one of the few survivors from the dot com era that knocked the stuffing out of a few too many companies. After surviving the meltdown, the company arose out of the ashes and according to Globes, went public on NASDAQ.

eBay purchased the company later on and the rest is now history. It will be interesting to see how eBay uses their Israeli friends, and whether or not they will be able to compete with their arch rivals, Froogle Google Product Search.

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