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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Israel Only Has One "Green" Kibbutz?

(Note: I was always under the impression that all Kibbutz's were "green" already, but apparently it seems as if I am in error.)

Several Israeli professionals are combining their skills and knowledge in order to see whether or not a "green" Kibbutz can become an enduring reality.

(Israel Ministry of the Environment) Kibbutz Ein Harod Ihud, located in northern Israel with a view of the eastern Jezreel Valley and Gilboa ridge, is Israel's only "Green Kibbutz." The philosophy of a "green kibbutz" was approved by the kibbutz authorities and a team has been set up, with the participation of professionals in such areas as engineering, economics, electricity, water, heating and business consultation, to help transform theory into practice.

The group is aggressively pursuing ways to not only reduce energy and recycle items, but in some cases (like metal), sell the goods to the highest bidder.

It will be interesting to see the results of the study, which could help inspire Israeli's (and people in general) on useful ways to keep our planet healthy.

Update: Inserted extra link.

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