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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Geek Alert: Israel's Wix May Make Building Flash Sites Easy

While there are many sites out there that help non-geeks create web pages, most of them come with either a pretty cookie cutter look that you can not customize (at least fairly well), or tools that would inspire you to hire out a coder.

It looks as if a new Israeli company is moving to change all of that, by creating user-friendly tools to not only build an impressive web page code free, but integrate flash within it as well.

(TechCrunch) Israel-based is a new entrant that is entering into private beta now. It claims to allow users to create Flash-based websites without any programing skills, and publish those sites anywhere on the web. The output can also be widgetized and published on social networks.

What makes this site really interesting is the fact that users can create flash based web pages, which according to Wix will be search engine friendly (i.e. search engines will be able to read the content of the site, which can be difficult in flash).

Wix is still in beta, and unless you are currently a user you will need an invite in order to enjoy the fun.

Note: I have already signed up for an invite, as this may simply my attempts at building a business site using flash, which is a web weakness of mine.

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