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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Video: Israel Anti-Missile Defense Shield By 2009

In order to protect its citizens from the "various presents" from the sky being sent over by its "lovable" neighbors, the government of Israel has been developing an anti-missile shield with the help of the US.

(Israel Times) Ehud Barak and General Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi announced before the Knesset this week that the anti-missile and anti-rocket grid should be 90 percent efficient before 2009. [...]

Iron Dome and Arrow are the name of the defense mecanism to protect Israel from incoming ballistics. Both systems are jointly developed by Israel and the U.S. The Arrow 2 system intercepts large ballistic missiles thanks to anti-missile stations spread accross the territory. The Iron Dome system is based on Tactical High-Energy Laser using deuterium fluoride laser (chemical laser) technologies to destroy the incoming targets.

This live demonstration will hopefully relieve some of the fears of those living in Israel, as they have more important things to think about such as making solar homes affordable, fixing Glaucoma eyes, creating Terabyte DVD's, improving Google, building flying cars, rediscovering holy anti-viruses, powering the world through fungus,...

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