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Monday, October 29, 2007

Dozens Of Nations Rally For Missing IDF Troops

It looks as if sympathy for missing IDF troops is not just limited in America, Israel and France.

Rallies for Eldad Regev, Ehud Goldwasser, and Gilad Shalit have been forming across the planet in almost four dozen nations, in an attempt to raise awareness about the fate of the missing soldiers.

(Ynet News) Tens of thousands will hold simultaneous marches for release of captive Israeli soldiers. In New York students will protest in front of UN headquarters, in Uruguay the demonstration will head for the Iranian embassy [...]

The initiative will reach its apex on Tuesday evening at 21:00 (in Israel) when rallies will be held simultaneously in over 45 countries in a show of solidarity with the kidnapped Israeli soldiers and their families.

The first rally was kick started in Jerusalem with 3,000 young people participating to make their voices heard.

Unlike many nations where the memory of missing soldiers often fades with time, Israel seems to keep the images of their own in the public limelight, which speaks great volumes about the Israeli culture there.

Hopefully these men are found not only very soon, but safely as well.

Note: Here is a song created by Yair Gordon (from South Africa) in memory of prayer for and solidarity with the missing troops.

powered by ODEO

Note: Lyrics to this song can be found over at:

Update (10/30): Fixed error with audio, as well as changed a few words to highlight this authors (and many others) belief that the missing soldiers are still alive. Thanks Yair!

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