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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Video: Israeli Ingenuity Inside Apple's iPhone?

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It looks as if Apple's iPhone may have had some of its parts developed by Ceva, a company in Israel. Unfortunately, even Ceva will not find this out until it purchases and iPhone and looks inside for itself.

(Ha'aretz) Ceva is an Israeli company that specializes in developing technology for DSP processors, for the semiconductors industry.

If analysts are right in their projections and Germany's Infineon becomes the main source of chips for iPhone, then it's highly likely Israel will be represented in the device's technology. Infineon, Europe's second-biggest chipmaker, uses a lot of Ceva's telephony products, and tension is high at the company - as is optimism.

No word on whether or not Ceva will find their goodies inside one of the hottest phones on the planet, but for those of you wondering what the iPhone can do check out this video below for a taste of the future. (hat tip: Hot Air)

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