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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Neil Armstrong To Jewish Kids: Fly Me To The Moon

Neil Armstrong, the first man to ever walk upon the lunar surface not only visited the Holy Land recently, but also took time out to answer a few questions for some Israeli children.

(MSNBC) Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, answered questions from Israeli children Tuesday in his first visit to the Holy Land, showing animation and energy in discussing the feelings and justification for space travel. [...]

Asked what lasting value the flights to the moon had, Armstrong responded they showed that "the human species, all of us, is not forever chained to the planet Earth." He added, "I hope that man continues to expand his and her presence in space in the years ahead."

Armstrong had advice for youngsters who want to be an astronaut one day: "That requires getting a very good education, particularly in the fields of science and mathematics."

During the question and answer session Neil discussed his disappointment about not finding life on the moon, although he encouraged everyone, even a little girl about the wonders of spaceflight.

Neil spoke at the Space and Technology Museum which is located in Haifa, and to the dismay of reporters, declined to answer any of their questions (he must be really shy).

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