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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hot Air Balloons Now Legal In Israel

(Image Credit: Hot Air Balloons Over Israel)

Hot air balloons, a highlight often seen in the west, may now become a familiar site to Israeli citizens (and tourists from afar).

(Ha' A new pastime has been made legal in Israel: hot-air ballooning.

TheMarker learned Sunday that the head of the Israel Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA), Udi Zohar, has approved the first license in the country for flying hot-air balloons after a test flight last week in the Negev.

The license was awarded to Hot Air- Balloons Over Israel, the only company specializing in ballooning in Israel, owned by Moran Itzckovitc, a commercial pilot and mechanic.

The company is planning flights over the southern region of Israel, as well as the Dead Sea and last for about an hour. Breakfast before hand is included, although the price for one person to fly is NIS 1,200 (or about $280).

As of this post, the companies English site is under maintenance, although the Hebrew version is still up.

Update: Added image credit.

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