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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Israel Baseball Cards Now Available

(Image Credit: Jewish Major Leaguers, Hat Tip: Life in Israel)

It looks as if fans of the Israel Baseball League can now collect cards from their favorite players--as long as they are one of the 42 players selected for print. ;-)

The Jewish Major Leaguers has released a limited edition highlighting the most influential players of the game from various teams.

(Israel Baseball League Press Release) The Israel Baseball League set includes 42 player images, grouped as “Top Draft Picks,” “First to Sign”, “Israeli Prospects,” “College Stars” “International Stars” “Managers”, “League Leaders (the founders) and a brief history of the league. The “Managers” card includes ex-major leaguers Art Shamsky , Ken Holtzman, and Steve Hertz. The set also features cards of top players grouped by team. [...]

“Baseball cards are part of the excitement when you root for a team or root for a league,” said Larry Baras, founder of the IBL. “These will be fun and interactive for kids and their parents and make for terrific gifts. We’ve been asked about whether we will have cards almost since the day we launched the league.”

The card set cost a whopping $15 (plus shipping and handling) and may be worth a fortune 20 years from now when they become collectibles. Readers can order the baseball cards by visiting this link, although if one prefers hats then the IBL store can hook you up.

Note: Much Sadness. Tel Aviv beat the Blue Sox. :-(

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