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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Improve Thy Skin With Vitamins Via Microcapsules?

(Image Credit: Tagra)

Idan Harpaz of Tagra Biotechnologies has developed a microcapsule that may revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

(Israel 21st Century) Tagra has developed a micro encapsulation system that delivers active materials to the skin when they are needed. This is the brave new world of skincare, and also has applications for the dental, and pharmaceutical industries. [...]

Harpaz pours out a capsule mixture onto the table. It has the look and texture of a very soft powder. He rubs it between his fingers. "You can rub it all you like now but the capsules won't break open. Once you put them into a cream, however, they become soft and flexible. Once you rub them into the skin they break and release the active material," he explains.

Skin care businesses will probably love this invention since it will allow their products to maintain a much longer shelf life (as far as vitamins within the cream are concerned) although doctors may find this product to be quite useful in treating certain skin allergies.

Note: More information about Tagra can be found over here.

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