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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Israeli Kids Becoming "Net Savvy"

(Image Credit: The Redwood Motel)

It looks like many children in Israel are beginning to embrace the internet for all that its worth.

(Globes Online) TNS/Teleseker: Israel has almost 4.5 million internet users over the age of 5, 62% of the country’s total population.

58% of Israeli children aged 5-12 use the internet, according to the TNS/Teleseker survey for June 2007. The information was provided by parents.

The main internet use by children 4-8 is for games, surfing children websites, and picture coloring pages. Children aged 7-8 are already using the internet for study purposes, to listen to music, and to download songs.

Israeli children have always seemed to have a "nack" for technology, something I definitely noticed when I saw eight year olds with cell phones (that was back in the day when beepers were king).

I would not be surprised to find Israeli kids harnessing iPhone look-a-likes in the near future--unless of course the jPhone has anything to do with it.

Update: Added source link.

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