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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reform Jewish Denomination Encouraging Aliyah

(Image: Modi'in City, Credit:

In a surprise move, it looks as if the Reform Jewish community is actually encouraging their members to take a second glance at Israeli life.

Previously the denomination and the Israeli state have been at odds with each other (each refusing to recognize the other in some form or fashion) but it seems as if both are attempting at putting aside the past in order to focus on the future.

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Crowning an evolution decades in the making, the Reform movement has formed a groundbreaking partnership with a quasi-governmental Israeli agency to encourage immigration to the Jewish state.

On Monday, the movement launched a three-city U.S. tour to encourage Reform Jews to move to Modi'in, a modern Israeli city of 70,000 with a sizable Anglo-immigrant community. Its partner in the campaign is the Jewish Agency for Israel, the outfit historically charged with promoting and facilitating aliyah, or immigration, to Israel.

Although the mini-metropolis of Modi'in has only one Reform synagogue, the place has been labeled as Israel's "city of the future," which should appeal to those in the US debating on whether to make aliyah or not.

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