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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Norway Has A Secret Crush On Israeli Investments

(Image Credit: Kwintessential)

They say that the best way to know a person is by what they spend their money on. If that saying is true, then it seems that Norway is trying to have a secret affair with Israeli innovation while shunning them in public.

Unfortunately for Norway, her affair is no longer a secret.

(Israel National News) Norway's Government Pension Fund Global, formerly known as the National Petroleum Fund, has comne under fire for its investments in Israel. The fund has doubled its investments in Israel over the past year. In 2006 the Fund bought Israeli government bonds worth $500 million Norwegian kroners ($87.4 million).

Norway previously attempted a national boycott of the Jewish state which ironically backfired and brought in more business towards Israelis companies.

Realizing this, Norway is probably attempting to get "their fair share" of the pie (or Falafel for those in the holy land), although this latest news may indicate Europe's secret love for Israel--at least in the business arena.

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