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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Bio Hug For Autistic Children

(Image Credit: Israel 21st Century)

Raffi Rembrand, an Israeli inventor, has developed a new approach to help kids suffering with severe autism. Unlike straight jackets, this device seems to be able to calm the child down without overly restraining them.

(Israel 21st Century) The BioHug delivers a mildly pulsating pressure through the use of inflatable cells placed throughout the garment and includes a biofeedback mechanism which automatically regulates the level of stimulation. [...]

"The BioHug is unique among all other types of pressure-based devices for people with autism because we solve the problem of habituation," Schiffmiller told ISRAEL21c.

"Try it yourself - gently pinch your wrist - you feel it, but if you keep doing it, after a short while you don't feel it anymore. Your body gets used to it. Through the pulsation feature on the BioHug, we reduce the habituation so the sensation of pressure on the user will continue, because it's always changing."

This device is still going through the clinical rounds of testing, although it is already receiving excellent feedback from a school that helps children with autism.

More information (as well as contacting Rembrand) can be found over on this website.

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