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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Turkey Views Israel As Its Closest Friend

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Despite the recent elections putting what some see as extremists in power, Turkey's ambassador went on to reassure the Jewish public that not only would Israeli-Turkey relations will continue to remain healthy, but also informed them about Turkey's view of the Jewish state.

(Ynet News) The Turkish ambassador told the panel that "Israel is so important to Turkey... it is at the very top of Turkey's foreign policy," Erdogan said. "We see Israel as our number one county that we trust, it plays a very important role in our considerations."

During his address, Tan sought to reassure Israeli concerns about the results of the Turkish events, and alay fears that Turkey was embarking on a process of Islamification.

He described questions by Israelis on whether they could continue to visit Turkey as "ridiculous," declaring: "Whatever party comes into power doesn't make any difference on our principle stance of seeing Israel as a close and friendly ally."

Turkey seems to be popular vacation spot for many Israeli's, as it is not only fairly close, but very affordable for many citizens as well.

Turkey is also one of the few Muslim countries that Jewish citizens can safely visit, although that may have something to do with the fact that Turkey is a secular democracy.

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